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Dental tourism

    • Do your research carefully as variations in laboratory costs, materials costs, technology, and skilled labour exist in all countries.
    • Many developing countries have less-stringent infection control standards, licensing and accreditation of clinicians, regulation of dental clinics, selection of equipment and supplies – all of which can affect quality of care.

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  • Your private health fund may not cover you for elective dentistry carried out overseas, and medical emergencies resulting from a dental procedure may not be covered.
  • Some patients receiving negligent dental care overseas may find that they have few (or no) governing bodies to turn to or legal remedies for their complaints.
  • Most comprehensive dental care may require rectification works for minor problems, and all dental care requires ongoing maintenance. As the materials and procedures carried out overseas often differ from what is offered in Australian dental clinics, local practitioners may not be able to service your ongoing needs.
  • The best way to source an overseas dentist is to find them by word-of-mouth referral from someone who has had a similar procedure carried out. Advertising and testimonials online are not a reliable source.

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